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The Core and Periphery of Love

Probably, there is no such complete, chronological, senseful explanation about love. It is like we have to sneeze with our eyes open, mental. So we assume that love is an extraordinary thing that (must) happen in everyone’s life. Before we touch the core and periphery thing, it is better for you to understand, this writing is not associated with any scientifical tests, experienced love experts, or people and their diabolical love story.

Pulling back to middle 20th century, when God did not even countdown our age. We may know from our parents, the city we live in and cities surrounding it mostly developed in the same condition, there was not a city more improved than the others. Like many developing country, there have to be strong factors to make a region looks more than the others. We can see these pattern in our relation with people. We do believe that every relation begin with acquaintance condition and same degree of friendship. The only difference is the reason lies behind this, what is the motive? Why he should make her friends? And typical question that may pop on your mind for yourself.

Nowadays, we can see clearly what things are not the same between our city and the others, some city good at this and some don’t. Maybe our city good at almost every subjects like infrastructure, crops, education, business climate, etc. and by that example we have know what is the meaning of core. Core, center, a space where most of the subject developed. In other words, core is where everyone heading to. How can this relate to our subject in love? When we feel like we had a good feeling about the relation that we build, we enjoy the act – counter-act along those relationship, then we are one step closer to the core. From now on, to make us easier to understand, lets simplified this love core things with term LC, for Love Core.

There are so many factors to either help us or give us a hardtime in order to reach our LC. Personality is the first thing we have to consider, what kind of person he or she is, what kind of personality we need, does she/he introvert or extrovert. Furthermore, we should deepen our understanding in each other personality. Besides personality, we can’t put aside the appearance. Everybody knows the good ‘ol term “don’t judge book by it’s cover”, but come on, don’t be hypocrite, we all knows that how good the looking is also written in our criteria. The next factors is time. How much time we spend and how good the quality of our time with him/her. Only ourselves could decide the value of time in this term wether on the quantity or the quality. We can relate those three main factors to the spacial core. Spacial core has so many luring factors that make it special, like the space is geographically suitable for the economy, the space is clustered and agglomerated for industries so there are many job opportunities, the systems is working well in that space, and many senseful reason behind it. So, we actually can relate this because the core in spacial subject gave us the points to the love subject in how we should build the relationship.

On the opposite, we have periphery. Let’s take ourself to the second paragraph. Remember the second sentence, “…more improved than the others”. Then the periphery is “the others”. Periphery is basically a space that poorer than the core, an area that left behind, a region that everyone inside it would struggle to leave it. Then if we relate to our main subject here, the core and periphery of love, it is more like the unwanted phase in relationship. Unwanted? Yes, nobody wants a bad relation with somebody. How do we know that we are in love periphery (LP) phase? When we feel that it is not going so well, when we can not feel the affection in it, when we dragged down by unsolved problems, when we could not think clearly about passing through obstacles in it, moreover, when you lose the trust and commitment you used to hold on to. Then what can we do? Fix it. In spacial periphery subject we have know that people in periphery region would trying to fix their region by leave it and heading to the core region, they will try their fortune in the core region then give what they got for their home region. In our subject we have options, either fix it by leave it or fix it by making it right. The first step to do is always to look at yourself, what is wrong. Then we can build it again step by step.

The core and periphery thing in regional economy is appliable to the other things, such as love. Basically, this writing were supposed to make us easier to understand either in regional economy or the world of affection, by giving little examples which quite easy to think about.-mums


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